Lab members Jay Nair (left) and
Matt Herne (right) unearthing
sauropod bones at a new fossil
locality in the Winton Formation
near Winton, central-western
Queensland. Photo Steve

Our research on dinosaurs focuses mainly on those forms that are endemic to Australia. At present we are mainly interested in Early Cretaceous dinosaurs, in particular those represented by body fossils from the Winton Formation of western Queensland.  Research into dinosaur tracks, dinosaur locomotor kinematics and palaeoecology focuses on tracksites in Queensland, such as Lark Quarry, and Western Australia's 'Dinosaur Coast' on the Dampier Peninsula.

Specific areas of interest include: Australasian Cretaceous dinosaur faunas; evolution of Australasian ornithopods, thyreophorans, sauropods and theropods; Gondwanan dinosaur palaeobiogeography; dinosaur trackways and locomotor kinematics.

Our lab conducts regular expeditions to Cretaceous vertebrate localities in central-western Queensland and the Dampier Peninsula in The Kimberley region of western Australia.  We are also involved in field-based research on the Antarctic Peninsula (a current US National Science Foundation project for which I am Co-Principle Investigator with Dr Matt Lamanna from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History).

Selected publications 

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