Evolution of near-sauropods and early sauropod dinosaurs from Gondwana

Researcher biography

Jay Nair’s PhD research investigates the anatomy, as well as consequential phylogenetic implications, of near-sauropods and early sauropod dinosaurs that inhabited the southern continents between 220–165 million years ago. The first part of this project has allowed Jay to spend time in collections abroad to research key materials of near-sauropods in various collections in South Africa, a hotspot for work on these animals. For this work, Jay has been collaborating with Dr. Adam Yates (Bernard Price Institute, Johannesburg, now at the Museum of Central Australia, Alice Springs); Jay plans to continue venturing abroad to consult on additional crucial specimens of near-sauropods during the course of his PhD work.

Locally, Jay is working on an osteological study of one of Australia’s iconic dinosaurs, the titan Rhoetosaurus brownei. The type and only known specimen of Rhoetosaurus is from the Middle Jurassic of Injune, southern western Queensland and it is perhaps Australia’s earliest articulated dinosaur specimen. After its discovery in the 1920’s and subsequent study by one of the forefathers of Queensland vertebrate palaeontology, Heber Longman not long after, Rhoetosaurus remained dormant until field exploration in the 1970s recovered more of its skeleton. Jay’s ongoing research of these materials suggests so much more information about Rhoetosaurus could be yielded, and to this end has been working closely with Queensland Museum staff toward the further preparation of key specimens.

Jay joined the Vertebrate Palaeontology and Biomechanics Lab in 2007 as an Honours student. His project then involved describing and interpreting the lower hind limb of Rhoetosaurus, a specimen that was recovered in the 1970s (Nair and Salisbury, 2012) – an undertaking that underpins the present reappraisal of the entire specimen.

Australia's first named dinosaur puts its best foot forward (media release)

The image above shows Jay with the closest thing he can find today to the foot of Rhoetosaurus... Photo Steve Salisbury.

Peer-reviewed journal publications

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Conference abstracts

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Honours thesis

Jay examines an articulated skeleton of the near-sauropod Melanorosaurus readi (ground) under the early sauropod Antetonitrus ingenipes (mounted). Photo by Elize Butler, Nationale Museum, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Nair, J.P. 2007. New osteological information on the Jurassic sauropod dinosaur Rhoetosaurus brownei, with discussion of its phylogeny and pedal biomechanics.  Unpublished Honours Thesis, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland. 80pp.