Research in our lab covers a range of fields, and projects are typically devised based on a student's background and research interest.  Specific research areas for potential Honours and PhD students in the Vertebrate Palaeontology and Biomechanics Lab include:


Anthony Romilio, Dr Steve Salisbury and Jay Nair (from left to right) examine newly discovered theropodan tracks in the 130 million year old coastally exposed rocks of the Broome Sandstone on the Dampier Peninsula in the west Kimberely Region of WA. Photo: Damian Kelly Photography.



  • Freshwater fishes from the Winton Formation of central-western Queensland
  • Swimming kinematics in semi-aquatic Australian reptiles
  • Locomotor kinematics and bracing mechanics in varanids
  • Geology of dinosaur sites in the Winton Formation of central-western Queensland

Good spoken and written English is desirable. Applicants should ideally have a background in either palaeontology, ichnology, comparative anatomy, biomechanics, sedimentary geology, or digital 3D visualisation Please send expressions of interest, along with a CV and academic transcript, to Dr Steve Salisbury.

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