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Gondwanan fossil archosaurs and their world
Gondwanan fossil archosaurs and their world
A fresh look at 220 million-year-old fossilised dinosaur tracks reveals they aren’t what they first seemed, and it’s prompting us to reconsider how the story of Australia’s dinosaurs began.


  • Fossil footprints found in an Ipswich coal mine have long been thought to be that of a large predatory dinosaur, but new research reveals they were instead left by a gentle, long-necked herbivore.
  • UQ PhD candidate Tim Richards has nearly finished his Doctor of Philosophy and he’s played the role of doctor several times on stage, but his current ‘practice’ involves studying bones found in the ground rather than the human body.
  • Researchers from The University of Queensland’s have revealed a new species of flying reptile that soared over the vast inland sea covering much of outback Queensland during the Age of Dinosaurs.

Honours and Postgraduate research opportunities

We are currently looking for motivated PhD and Honours students to help research the dinosaur tracks of the Broome Sandstone on the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia.

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