Hypothesized reconstruction of the small Lark Quarry trackmaker. Illustration by Anthony Romilio, The University of Queensland

Supplimentary Information for Romilio, A., Tucker, R.T., and Salisbury, S.W. 2013. Re-evaluation of the Lark Quarry dinosaur tracksite (late Albian–Cenomanian Winton Formation, central-western Queensland, Australia): no longer a stampede? Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 33(1), 102–120. pdf

  • 3D pdf of Wintonopus latomorum holotype
  • 3D animation of Wintonopus latomorum holotype
  • 3D pdf of 'Skartopus australis' holotype
  • 3D animation of 'Skartopus australis' holotype