Secrets from a lost world

Winner of the Best Documentary Award at the CSIRO's 2004 Festival of Science FilmsTerrible Lizards of Oz is the story of Australia during the Age of Dinosaurs. Join palaeontologists from across the continent as they attempt to unravel the secrets of this ancient land. With the help of CGI animation we take a journey back into deep time and visit a lost world inhabited by creatures undreamed of ? MinmiMuttaburrasaurus, ?Eric? the crested pliosaur, a Jurassic giant named Rhoetosaurus, and a tiny archaic mammal that should not have been here.

» Director, Writer: Ruth Berry
» Producers: Ruth Berry & Mark Chapman
» Editor: Rodney Sewell
» Scientific Advisors: Dr Steve Salisbury & Dr Ben Kear
» Sound: Terry Meehan
» Animation: ARCFX
» Cinematographer: Paul Warren
» Distributor: CBC International/Big Island Pictures

Running time: 45 mins


Date: Tuesday 13th of September 2005
Time: 1-2pm
Location: Room 388, School of Integrative Biology, Goddard Building (Bldg 8), The University of Queensland, St Lucia
Admission: Free to UQ staff and students

The film?s chief scientific advisor, Dr Steve Salisbury, one of the Producers, Mark Chapman, and one of the animators, Pete Mullins, will be on hand to answer questions at the end of the screening.