The conference will held on board Aurora Expedition's Polar Pinoneer.  Photo: Paul Willis

Aurora’s extensive experience of operating ice-strengthened tourist ships around the Antarctic Peninsula area suggest that conditions will be cold but relatively mild for Antarctica with average outside temperatures around zero Celsius. However, participants should be prepared for colder periods of weather. It has also been our experience that by late March most of the sea ice has broken up and at its minimum extent.

Proposed itinerary

While every effort will be made to reach all the intended locations and while travelling late in the season gives us our best chance of encountering ice-free conditions, participants are warned that ice and weather conditions can influence movements in this area and we may not get to some of the locations that we intend to visit. Alternative localities will be found for visitation in the event of adverse ice and weather conditions.

Day 1
am    At Sea
pm    At Sea

Day 2
am    At Sea
pm    South Shetlands

Day 3
am    Botany Bay (Jurassic Plants)
pm    James Ross Island (Early Cretaceous sediments)

An inquisitive leopard seal inspects one of Aurora's zodiacs. Photo: Aurora Expeditions

Day 4
am    James Ross Island (Early Cretaceous sediments)
pm    James Ross Island (Early Cretaceous sediments)

Day 5   
am    Vega Island (Early/Late Cretaceous sediments)
pm    Vega Island (Early/Late Cretaceous sediments)

Day 6    
am    Seymour Island, Admiralty Sound (Eocene fossils)
pm    Seymour Island, Admiralty Sound (Cretaceous fossils)

Day 7   
am    Snow Hills Island, Nord’s Hut (Ammonites)
pm    Snow Hills Island, Walk across Island, pick up on east side

Day 8    
am    Seymour Island east (Later Cretaceous fossils)
pm    Seymour Islandeast (Later Cretaceous fossils)

Day 9    
am    Seymour Islandeast (K/T Boundary and Paleocene fossils)
pm    Seymour Island east (K/T Boundary and Paleocene fossils)

Day 10 
am    Seymour Island east, Mid Valley (Paleocene plants)

Weddel seal. Photo: Paul Willis

pm    Seymour Island east (Eocene fossils)

Day 11  
am    Sailing north
pm    At Sea

Day 12  
am    At Sea
pm    At Sea